Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Gym, always gym sometimes even in the weirdest places A story by Neave

It was a crisp, cold morning in the small town of Davenville, the weak sun creeping across the houses. A single bean of light streaked through a small open window landing on Gracie Evens face. The light forced Gracie’s eyes open and she rubbed them causing her to  partly wake. Gracie pulled her self out of bed and quickly got changed into her regular days outfit overalls, gumboots and long socks. She had a lot of boring chores to do and she had to do them all before lunch if she wanted to go and see the new puppies born on the farm that evening. Gracie turned and sped down the long winding staircase, shoving a donut in her small mouth when passing the kitchen. She rushed down the hall and swung open the door almost crashing in to her poor, mischievous and loyal dog, Thunder, who rolled over droopily and stared up at her with her adoring brown eyes. “sorry girl” Gracie whispered, solemnly “sorry.” Realizing that Thunder hadn’t been out much ever since she had those annoying pups, she gestured to her to follow. The effect was immediate, Thunder jumped up rapidly, smothering Gracie’s face in huge wet licks making Gracie laugh. Doing a hop skip with a double twist back flip they sped off almost leaving a cloud of dust behind them. Swinging her left leg over her dad’s giant Clydesdale and pulling herself up, she kicked her legs in to his sides while galloping off into the direction of the farm. (Some time later.) Jumping of the Clydesdale, Gracie waited for Thunder to catch up before turning and hopping into the barn. Seconds before, Thunder had come  barging in knocking over a couple of hay stacks. Shoving her out of the way Gracie jumped up landed in a handstand while flipping in to a beam position and grabbed the chicken seed and corn at the same time. Ripping the top of the bag with her teeth she threw in her fist and scattered the corn and chicken seed among the chickens. Jumping on to the fence she back flipped sending the bags flying back onto the shelf before rushing out the door landing into a back spring and flipping into a double twist also while grabbing Thunders collar and pulling her out of the way of a passing tractor before kissing her on the nose. (A couple of hours later.) Finally, Gracie had done all her chores while giving Thunder her exercise AND practicing her gymnastics YAYYYY!!!!! So she could finally go and see the pups after spending two hours, like TWO hours doing boring, tiring work. Speeding back to the house she remembered   what her father had said the night before…Wait! Gracie thought. Did dad say that she had to do her chores or did he say she didn’t have to since she had done double the chores yesterday…Hmmm actually the more she thought about it the more she was sure that he had said she didn’t 

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  1. Neave, you must be so proud of this story. I especially enjoyed all your different sentence starters. I am also so pleased to see that you used direct speech and brackets. Well done, this is a lovely piece of creative writing.
    Mrs F